Nº 1 - 2010


Abrimos aquí una sección de ARTE SATURNO, casi una revista independiente, titulada ARTE SATURNO DIDÁCTICO, dedicada a la actividad creativa e intelectual del programa académico de la Universidad de Albany en Madrid.

Este primer número está dedicado a la práctica que la estudiante Harineta Rigatos llevó a cabo en Otoño de 2009 en la galería Menos Uno, y recoge trabajos sobre la muestra de Arte Sonoro e Interactivo IN SONORAM.

Todos los textos, vídeos y fotos pertenecen a la mencionada alumna, con la excepción del vídeo sobre DissoNoiSex, en cuyo caso nos hemos servido de material dispuesto por los propios artistas en You Tube.

Los textos fueron escritos originalmente en inglés y español, pero hemos preferido poner en la revista los escritos en lengua inglesa, por respeto a la mayor fluidez de Rigatos en dicho idioma.


Sonorous Art

Harineta Rigatos

---------By the American thesaurus and dictionary standards Art is defined as an expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. Art can be created by a system of rules and traditional methods for the practice of a craft, a trade, or a profession. They are works designed to give intellectual pleasure, as music, sculpture, and pictorial representation. Numerous definitions can find a way to define art, let alone people create their own on what art personally means to them.
            There are the traditional Academic standards of art that date all the way back in France with the great masters of Monet, Michelangelo, and the more later ones; Klimt, Picasso, Masson, and a multitude of artists following them. Although art can be found hidden in places we wouldn’t expect to label as art, but all we have to do is listen, look, and stay open minded for just a little bit to understand the meaning it is trying to portray.
            In my dictionary art has a never-ending definition. I see art in an abundance of words inspiring me to create, i.e.:  pure, serene, breathtaking, raw, and yes sometimes fabulous. I can find art from a magnificent museum such as the Louvre, to a gallery overlooking the sea on an island, to a man painting on the streets of Barcelona to make a living, all the way to the fashion streets of New York City. Art can be found anywhere and can be anything as long as it inspires someone.
            Sonorous Art was an unfamiliar territory to me and I explored it through the galleries, artists, and students of Madrid. Sonorous art is just like what it sounds; the art of sound. I was fortunate enough to work with gallery Menos 1 that delivered a sonorous festival of artists experimenting with sound and its art. Among numerous exhibitions I had the great pleasure of meeting a few artists such as Pablo Serret, Miguel Álvarez-Fernández, Asia Piascik, Stefan Kersten, Ad Van Buuren, Toktek, and Patxi Araujo, and look deeper into their art


INDICE - ARTE SATURNO DIDÁCTICO 1 (textos y material visual de Harineta Rigatos)

Patxi Araujo


Pablo Serret